Date: 28 October 2016

Venue: Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Conference Area, Interaktion 1, 33619 Bielefeld

NuV Research Network – User-oriented health care for people with chronic conditions and long-term care needs

Transitions in the age and morbidity spectrum are posing important challenges for the healthcare system and require sustainable care concepts. These concepts must meet the needs and demands of chronically ill patients and patients in need of nursing care in various stages of life. Furthermore, adequate concepts need to take into account regional variations in terms of demands and conditions. There is a particular need for concepts and proposals which strengthen users’ health competence and self-management.

What can be done to better incorporate the specific conditions and preferences of different user groups? What are the health competence and self-management of chronically ill patients or patients in need of nursing care? What are the influencing factors on healthcare use in rural and urban regions? How can different providers react to specific demographic challenges and what are the roles of communities in this regard?

These and other questions were the central topics of the conference of the research cooperation for “User-oriented health care for people with chronic conditions and long-term care needs”. New scientific insights regarding health and nursing care for different target groups had been presented, and innovative solutions for appropriate care at different stages of life had been discussed.

The various challenges for user-oriented regional healthcare planning and design were analysed from both the perspectives of users and professional providers. The group of research experts and practitioners discussed the opportunities and challenges for user-oriented care as well as their practical implications.


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Photographer: Michael Adamski